Building Trust to Drive Business Results

 The Human Capital Institute (HCI), in partnership with Interaction Associates, released Building Trust in Business 2012, an annual research on leadership detailing the critical do’s and don’ts for driving strong business results by building trust in leaders.

Data included in this research resulted from a survey of 440 leaders at more than 300 companies globally – polling them on specific issues at the intersection of trust, leadership, and collaboration. 

For the fourth year, the survey points to big declines in leadership and trust across the business spectrum – with trust at its lowest level since Interaction Associates began surveying the issue in 2009.

In 2012, trust takes the biggest hit on the question of whether leaders are consistent, predictable, and transparent in decisions and actions. Only 23% of respondents said that their companies' leadership is consistent, predictable and transparent, compared with nearly 40% in 2009.

The 2012 results show a clear, explicit connection between companies that achieve strong business results and high ratings in trust, leadership, and collaboration. Also, leaders of high performing companies are more focused on employee involvement – including the notion of shared responsibility for success as a key driver of business results.

High performing organizations are more successful at building trust, their leaders are seen as more collaborative, and they’re much better at retaining key employees. Compared with low performing organizations, 14% more respondents from high performing companies agreed that employees have high trust in management and 15% more see their leaders as effective.

You can view and download a copy of Building Trust in Business here.