Teach Your Kids About Money

If you think that handing your kids a few dollars to save with the help of a piggy bank is no longer an educational value for today's economy it means that you are pretty much in the line of thought promoted by Gregg Murset from MyJobChart.

The site is wants to be a tool for teaching young people about money, earning, saving, and the economy, a learning tool adapted to nowadays realities.It uses an online chore chart and a money management system as a way for the users to understand the economical environment and in the same time promote financial literacy.

The website has attracted more than 145,000 young people in less than two years (so say the owners), all of whom are tracking household chores while also learning financial fundamentals. MyJobChart provides immediate feedback in the form of reward points: as young people complete chores they earn points, which can then be “saved” in online youth savings accounts, “shared” with a charity of their choice, or “spent” responsibly on something they need or want.

Gregg Murset the innitiatior of the project says: “Our site is not some fantasy land- or video game experience. It’s hands on, real world learning in a tech friendly and engaging way that teaches kids not only that earning requires work, but also that earning and tracking one’s finances can be fun.”