Twitter Guide For Small Business

Twitter released the "Twitter for Small Business Guide," designed to help small business owners learn about the benefits and use of Twitter. The guide focused on the needs of small business shows how the the social media platform can increase customer engagement and drive sales. And Twitter, with it's more than 100 million active users and 250 million tweets per day can definitely do that.

Make sure your voice shapes the online identity of your business. Tweet about the ideas, principles and value of your business. Share links and pictures with your customers. Let them see what happens behind the scenes. 

The more people who talk about your business on Twitter, the more followers (and customers) you’ll get. Focus on activities that promote your @username and expand your business.

Design every element of your profile to best reflect your business. Your name, bio, website and profile picture should all work together to tell your story.

Over time, your Tweets will convey your own voice and style. Don’t be afraid to  let your personality come through, or that of your employees. Of course, business styles vary. As you keep using Twitter, you’ll find your voice.

Too often, businesses are overly formal on Twitter. Your Tweets should reflect your personality. People respond best to friendly, conversational Tweets.

Reply when people tweet about you. Favorite and retweet positive messages, and thank those who are praising you. Promptly address critical Tweets about your business.

The entire Twitter Small Business Guide can be downloaded here.