The Power of Trends

1. Holydays

Make a list of all significant future holydays: Easter, Christmas, Black Friday, Valentines day.... and I mean all of them. Prepare a set of changes in your app that will draw attention for one of those events in particular or for each and every one of those events. Add a red heart for valentine's day, add functionalities in the app to temporarily display event related messages, create special offers destined to users in your target group.

2. Events

Get yourself connected to national or international sport events that matter for your customers (beware of using logos or any identity elements that might be protected by copyrights or restricted to official partners only). You can do this once or twice a year, try not to do it every three weeks because it will turn into something mundane. Choose events that matter to your clients, don't do it because you are interested in the event.

Not all the events are exactly the Olympics or World Championships, therefore the organizers are probably in search of more visibility just as much as you are. Keep in mind though that an app dealing with fitness is not necessarily a strong bond with the weddings organizers conference.

3. Ecology

Global warming, unsustainable agriculture, rain forest or pollution are more than just news, ecology is a cult and a very sensible one. Take a look at your app and see how your app can lower fuel consumption, reduce paper use or help recycle.

4. Health

Data shows that almost all affluent countries in the world have higher and higher numbers of aged citizens. This is not a short term event, it will not change easily. The amount of money the citizens of these countries spend on health is growing at a fast pace. Think about how you can add healthy habits suggestions in your app or even detailed information on health. Be careful and provide scientifically based information, you are interested in your customers well being after all.

5. Fashion

Fashion will probably continue to be a certain presence in our society for quite a while. The good thing is that it keeps on changing and thus you can stand a chance even if you as a new-entry the bad part is that by the time you realize what is going on you might need to adapt to a new tend. Of course you might discover that you need serious help and that the fashion is just as unstable as the spring weather.

6. DIY Home Decor and Design

The causes of this trend lie partially in the financial crisis the wonders around ever since 2008. People started to reduce expenses wherever it was considered non essential. Even if home improvements might not be essential the need to improve one’s living conditions is hardwired in us.
The market is flooded with apps that do exactly just that so there’s no need to compete in a crowded market but you can still provide such information for your customers since you most probably deal with a specialized niche that no home décor app can reach.

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